Valentina, the travel diary in Amsterdam – Friday 24 June

I arrive in Amsterdam on a fresh and cloudy day: my Dutch friends told me that it has been raining for a month.
I leave Italy in suspense for the Brexit referendum
Arrival in Amsterdam by final scrutiny
Europe is a little smaller.

Comment on the genius Farage, one of the most colorful supporters of the release:
“A victory for real people, a victory for ordinary people, a victory for good people. We have fought against the multinationals, against the big business banks, against the great politics, against the lie, the corruption and the deception and today the honesty and the decency and the trust in the nation I think are going to win “, has commented . “I hope this victory will lead us to a Europe of sovereign nation states that negotiate together”.
And there ‘to believe him :. They just won against banks and finance. Yes!
So According to this “genius” from tomorrow the London Stock Exchange closes and uk squirts to the stars of the economic recovery free from everything and everyone, alone. just like that.

Our very wise President Emeritus George, who as few reasons as a boy full of wisdom, yesterday, after reading the results of brexit, he pulled one of his paws … I read the Italian newspapers on display in the newsstands in Amsterdam:
[…] The life senator Giorgio Napolitano has addressed, from the microphones of Radio Anch’io Rai, “an appeal that all the social and political forces, and the people responsible, rethink their attitudes and take them to strengthen the institutions, why the emptiness does not prevail “. The former president of the Republic has called for “maximum self-control, including at the level of citizens and people with shared responsibilities”.

In this atmosphere I arrive today in Amsterdam.
Caressed by the usual aromas of ganja, kebabs and pickled cucumbers.
A warm sun makes its way through the clouds
With the suitcase dragged like a dog distracted at every corner I start towards the flower market.
The house where I sleep is of those crooked and hanging, typical Dutch, those seventeenth-century houses overlooking the canals.
A beautiful attic, with the window on a street closed to traffic, populated with refined gay clubs, sofas outside the pubs, cofeeshop, a gay clothing store that sells clothes and objects of desigh “finocchissimi”.
I’ve always liked this way behind the flower market.
I support my things and I go to say hello to my friends