TU Prostituta, the book. The story of a true story, a dedication

Dear friends, I am pleased to present you the review of a book that I think may be of interest to you .. This book is not only written by an Italian journalist and writer but above all by a dear friend of mine who lives in the Netherlands for 29 years. It is Maria Cristina Giongo.

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Even the review is written by another friend .. Donatella Lai and the protagonist as the author of both the book and the review are all friends known through the internet … (only Cristina I then met in person) and it is thanks to the web that the book was born. The reason I discovered reading the work that speaks explicitly of sex but also of feelings’ in a sensual game that involves everyone: the journalist who wonders what it really is the normality. The prostitute who sells her body but not the soul. His customers who are constantly desperate for a balanced combination of both: and they do not find it . ‘

It is difficult to define Cristina’s book. It’s not a novel, it’s not an interview, it’s not a dossier. I could call it, perhaps, an “emotional chronicle”. Written with her own style, Cristina knows very well that objectivity is a utopia or hypocrisy; and in his articles as in this “emotional chronicle” he lets his reactions fit together and merge with the story he tells.

Born from the meeting between two women, a journalist and a prostitute, it should have become a dossier and instead turned out to be an opportunity for a mutual discovery and a progressive and inevitable fall of barriers linked to prejudices.

The style is flowing and the pages are left to devour quickly; from the first lines you are catapulted into an atmosphere in which nothing is as it seems and what we think to be shabby and dirty is instead colored with an unusual and unprecedented tenderness.

A question emerges clearly, sometimes between the lines and sometimes explicit: is there really all this difference between a prostitute and a so-called “honest” woman?

A strong and sweet book, a story written without words, where what remains important is a sincere friendship and a great willingness to learn and grow. In fact, an “emotional chronicle”.

Donatella Lai , psychiatrist, carries out her profession in public service, in a mental health center in Sardinia.

You prostitute (pages 70) can be ordered via www.lauracaponeeditore.com
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Here is a brief review of mine :
I personally read it in an hour and all in one breath .. and in all sincerity I have to tell you that few times I have finished reading a book … The language is fluent, interesting .. it never bores .. Cristina still demonstrates in this case and especially in this case its wonderful know how to write .. the result of decades of experience in quality in the sector. As she herself wrote in the introduction she wanted to be courageous in making this true story public, especially for her personal involvement. ‘ He would never have done it if he did not think it could prove useful to better understand the human soul, even in its most secret implications ‘. The protagonist (the ‘prostitute’) contacted me via the web thanks to the articles that I published on the internet about my former supereva guide, dealing with the phenomenon of Dutch prostitution and that were at that time in the first search results of Google.

Needless to say that while exercising a particular profession you have something exceptional: it is very resourceful .. love life and others .. is always available to do good .. has much confidence in the next .. has a degree in law, knows 4 languages ​​.. is an entrepreneur of herself.

It was really fun to discover the metamorphosis of Cristina .. in deepening her friendship with the sexworker … very shy at first with the fear of discovering for the many taboos that are part of her culture and her education (she tells some spicy details of his own life), but then at the end of the book .. something instead of incredible happens .. I will not tell you anything else I spoil the surprise .. in any case it was always his strong curiosity to dissect the case but always with the utmost respect and without any disdain for the counterparty.

The answer to the fundamental question that the book wanted to give was: why do men turn to prostitutes? . As Cristina points out … examining real and concretely experienced documentation, the time spent by clients for socializing, exchanging experiences and comparing themselves is far greater than that used for the purpose that is generally thought to be dedicated by a prostitute. I do not know if it’s right or wrong, but one of the messages that the book intends to convey is just that.
What I found very human in reading the last chapter in particular .. was discovering a very strong need on the part of the prostitute to be treated like any other woman for what is in the reality of his soul, for his great culture, for his sensitivity, for his interiority … and probably this was something to think deeply about and decide if it was not right not to exercise what in history is called ‘the oldest profession in the world’.

The preface
TU prostitute by Maria Cristina Giongo is a book about sex. But not only. It is the true chronicle of the story of two women, a prostitute and a journalist who know each other on a blog. At the beginning they chat, they send messages; then they decide to meet. From that moment begins for both a path (no longer virtual) that will lead them to discover an unexpected world: where there is room for everything and the opposite of everything. A universe made up of digital prostitutes, occasional, special, fixed clients. And then love, pain, friendship. A modern book on a particular and always current theme; dealt with this time differently. In order to understand what drives man to seek contact with a prostitute. To give an answer to many questions, first of all: what is normal? Who can truly consider himself “in the norm”? And above all: can you become a friend of a prostitute? You will find the answer in this work where you can reflect, cry, even laugh. And in which in the end sex will no longer be the predominant element: but the feeling.