The white sensation of Amsterdam 2017

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On 7 and 8 July , more than half a million participants will gather at the Dutch White Sensation Dance Festival which will take place at the Amsterdam Arena .

The White Sensation, the breathtaking musical event, one of the most spectacular in the world, will host, for about 8 hours, on one side visitors, mostly rave lovers, coming from all over the planet who will wear strictly white clothes, other famous DJs, musicians and dancers. And all in the presence of special effects of all kinds with futuristic scenographies to say the least incredible: fireworks, air shows, lasers, smoke, explosions of thousands of yellow lights, red and green, flying horses, riders hidden by iron masks with torches and flames … a magical atmosphere that provokes a strong enthusiasm that leads the participants to another dimension of space. A lot of them dance letting themselves be carried away by the pressing rhythm of the music, entirely coaxed by a truly overflowing euphoria.

But it is not only Holland that is interested in the incredible event, there are in fact twenty-one nations that have replicated or replicated the festival-rave, first of all Dubai and the United States.