The Hiswa Amsterdam Boat Show 2018

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From 7 to 11 March the Hiswa Amsterdam Boat Show will take place in Amsterdam , the largest water sports fair in the Benelux region, offering a wide range of boats, nautical accessories and various exciting activities. The event is a source of inspiration for all those who are passionate about water sports.

The HISWA is an event that attracts as many as 400 exhibitors and 77,000 visitors, involves 500 boats, thousands of accessories and where it is possible to admire the most beautiful and largest marine means of the Netherlands , with particular attention also to the sporting estates and construction techniques.

The event is useful for those looking for a new boat, yacht or even a simple rental, to get information on proper maintenance, know the most modern navigation equipment, new maneuvers, to try wakeboarding, rediscover interesting itineraries of sailing or courses.