International Film Festival Rotterdam 2018

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From 28 September to 1 October the International Film Festival Rotterdam will be held, an event that stands out for its special attention to new, innovative and independent films and directors. The event is a mixture of cinemas, exhibitions of visual art linked to movies and live shows.

Every year hundreds of directors and other artists present their work in Rotterdam in front of a large audience. Twelve days in a row, twenty-four rooms have complete programming. The festival attracts many visitors, as well as 3,000 representatives from the press and the film industry.

The highlight is the VPRO Tiger Awards. The awards are not for established directors, but for new talent and promising work. This award ceremony is an important encouragement for young directors.
In addition, the opportunity is offered to appreciate the work of talented directors of the future. Film fans can also have a chat with representatives of the film industry.

One of the interesting works that will be presented in this edition is Video Love Steaks . A sensual love story included in the Bright Future, the section with first or second films by directors from whom the festival expects big things.