Idfa, the International Documentary Festival

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From 18 to 28 November 2010 will take place the IDFA, the International Festival of Documentary and Film in Amsterdam . An event of ten days, more than original in its kind, during which more than 300 creative documentaries are shown. IDFA is unique for its international range, for its great variety of genres, for its extensive program and for its European and world previews that are presented every year. They are connected to the event and exhibitions and shows take place every day, workshops, special representations and debates.

The event was born in 1988, with the aim of promoting the culture of national and international documentary. Since then IDFA has grown to become the biggest documentary film festival in the world. Today it has thousands of visitors for about 80 shows.

In the Competition feature section, fifteen documentaries will be previewed. The winner of the competition will receive the VPRO IDFA Award. A sculpture and a cash prize of € 12.500. The jury also awards a Special Award.
A meeting point for art, cinema and social themes, the festival is a stimulating place for everyone to exchange experiences: producers, buyers and financiers, but also the public is a central place for debate, development and production, for education and reflection.

IDFA is a creative documentary that is the fruit of individual artistic expression, this means that the selected films reflect the director’s point of view in a creative and cinematic way and induce the viewer to think, discuss and ask questions. The selection is based on clear, interesting and innovative criteria and based on characteristics that are able to communicate with the public in a simple and clear way.
Basically it is the explorative character and new discovery but not only the design features that make an interesting film, must also satisfy a masterpiece cinematic value, social relevance, communicative power, expressiveness, cultural history, ability to deepen the knowledge of the world around us, indispensable conditions of evaluation.

IDFA hosts a large number of activities that go far beyond simply viewing quality documentaries. Development, production and distribution are led by the organization and supported by the independent foundation headed by Derks Ally and Jan Vrijman.

The task that the founders are given is the creation of a professional stage for documentaries that are designed for an audience that is as large as possible. This is particularly necessary at a time when the audiovisual industry, urged by entertainment marketing and the public, prefers creativity and originality. The festival also operates over time as a selective memory of the international documentary, thanks to the conservation of its archives.

Thanks to IDFA, directors such as Werner Herzog, Kazuo Hara, Robert Kramer, Michael Moore and Ulrich Seidl are known today, but the aim of the event is to discover interesting young innovators such as Kossakovksy Victor, Sergei Dvortsevoy or Yoav Shamir each year.

This year, five films from the Soviet Union and a large number of documentaries are also competing, making public directors from Armenia, Leningrad, Latvia and Estonia known to the public. The program also includes a talk show with filmmakers, many of whom have never been to the West.
The directors’ choices focus not only on the Soviet way of making documentaries, but also on a transitional country.

This is how the 2010 Jury is composed: Orlando Bagwell (Canada), Frédéric Boyer (France), Vibeke Bryld (Denmark), Fan Lixin (Canada) and Monique van de Ven (Holland).

And the film candidates for 2010 are these:
– Arab Attraction van Andreas Horvath (Oostenrijk)
– Blood in the Mobile van Frank Poulsen (Denemarken / Duitsland)
– Holy Wars van Stephen Marshall (VS / Canada)
– Katka van Helena Trestikova (Tsjechië)
– Longing for Beauty van Julian Benedikt (Duitsland)
– Marathon Boy van Gemma Atwal (Engeland)
– My Barefoot Friend van Seong-Gyou Lee (Zuid-Korea)
– My Heart of Darkness van Staffan Julén (Zweden / Duitsland)
– Position Among the Stars van Leonard Retel Helmrich (Nederland)
– The Foxhounds van Jeff Prosserman (VS / Canada)
– The Good Life by Eva Mulvad (Denemarken)
– The Green Wave van Ali Samadi (Duitsland)
– The Team van Patrick Reed (Canada)
– This is My Picture When I Was Dead van Mahmoud Al Massad (Nederland / Duitsland)
– You Do not Like the Truth – 4 Days Inside Guantánamo van Luc Coté en Patricio Henriquez (Canada)