Hoorn, one of the most important cities of the VOC

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Hoorn’s golden days date back to the 17th century, the Golden Age, when Hoorn being one of the most important cities of the VOC, the Dutch East India Company, became a very prosperous port city. Today it is still possible to breathe the historic atmosphere thanks to the presence of dozens of historic buildings and churches. The town is a small shopping paradise, with many cafes with outdoor tables and restaurants where you can relax, many historical monuments without considering the different water sports that can be practiced. The dunes and beaches in the surroundings are the ideal destination for nature lovers.

Every year many thousands of people enjoy this beautiful city. Wherever you go, you will encounter the story of the powerful Dutch company of East India that sent beautiful ships for trading with Asian countries during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. This offers a special atmosphere.

The Western Frisian Museum shows the distant past of the city, while the Museo del Novecento is a celebration of recognition for the youngest. How nice it is to travel in time with the Hoorn-Medemblik vaporetto. Last but not least, the replica of the ship Half Moon (Half Moon).

The history of the city is not only shown in the historical center but also in the port. Time seems never to have passed: the sails and the platforms are stimulated by the wind and you can almost smell the spices that the Dutch company of East India has brought back from trips to the Far East.

Hoorn’s fortunes declined in the eighteenth century. The prosperous commercial port became little more than a sleepy fishing village in the Zuiderzee.

Other noteworthy attractions are the Hoorn-Medemblik Steam Tram, Noah’s Ark and the VOC.

Steam Tram Hoorn-Medemblik
Travel through Steamtram and the boat through time! The whistle of the engine as coal is put on the fire. The wooden creak partition walls, the wheels make noise along with the steam whistles. Try to get on board the Museumstoomram for one of the most exciting journeys over time, during an experience of a different era. In the Historic Triangle between the ancient cities of Zuiderzee of Hoorn and Medemblik, the waterbuses walk from village to village through the Westfrisiana countryside. An old steam-powered airplane connects the IJsselmeer Lake to the historic center of Enkhuizen along the coast.

Noah’s Ark
The 70-foot Noah’s Ark, the first floating biblical museum that has traveled throughout Europe, presents several biblical stories from a cultural and historical point of view.

This VOC vessel is able to tell stories of storms, discovery trips, meetings with the Indians, naval battles. The Half Moon crew will prove it to you. In the course of a personal journey, you are on a journey of discovery aboard Museumschip: from the galley to the bridge.

It is possible to explore the ports of Hoorn from the water or take a cruise along the coast of the beautiful historic city of 1 hour or embark on a longer journey on the open sea, for example, in the beach pavilion. All tours are conducted by expert skippers and guides.