What is the default interest rate and where does it come from

Did you forget to pay the invoice by the due date, or did the invoice get lost in the mail? Whatever the reason for the delay in paying the invoice, a delayed payment reminder is sent out of the late invoices. But what is the default interest rate, and how is it calculated?   What […]

Loan for own contribution to the flat

January 31, 2018 Housing prices in 2018 will not surprise us positively. The premises are expected to be more expensive, and the “Apartments for the Young” project has ended. A loan for own contribution seems therefore the only way to afford your own M. Own contribution to a flat is a mandatory element of your […]

Does 500+ affect interest in payday loans?

A wider range of financial options The benefits of implementing this project are felt by a large social group. Additional money allows you to make the most important payments, so that your current expenses are no longer problematic. Thanks to this, many people can think about additional needs – and these usually do not lack. […]

Loan for freelancers – is it easier to get it?

Loans for professional services can be granted on more attractive terms than traditional consumer credit. Who can count on lower interest rates and simplified procedures? See the list of free professions in Poland and find out what allows you to apply for a preferential loan for professionals. What is a free profession? The term legal […]

Loan company versus bank.

Probably like a bank We go to the bank for a loan, when we want a relatively high amount, low installment and the possibility of spreading the repayment of liabilities over a longer period – even over a dozen or several dozen years. On the other hand, banking products have quite strict requirements – no […]

Which banks offer loan extension?

Internet credit. It takes place with the agreement of both parties to the loan agreement. Perolpe may refer to the extension of the repayment of part or all of the bank loan. Prolongation of the loan may be associated with an increase in its total amount or adding to it a fee for extending the […]

Guaranteed loans online with bad credit -I need a loan but I have bad credit

Are you looking for fast credit? How do you find an appropriate loan? Many lenders check for papers and require that you receive a fixed payslip.  I need a loan but I have bad credit A payday loan means that you lend to an independent lender, often via the internet- look at this site. Lending online […]

Personal Online Loan

With the QuickMoney Personal Loans you can have the financing you need. A minimum of €3,000 and a maximum of €75,000. The minimum term for repaying the loan is 2 years and the maximum is 8 years. The interest rate will be: 6.95% NIR (from 7.85% APR) The interest rate will be: 7.95% NIR (from […]

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